I play video games pretty terribly
and can't commit to "one last game"

hey @


Hi there, I'm Kitarei, but I'm a girl of many names! I mostly go by Kit in-game; however, my family and friends also call me Jenna and/or Bella, so you might hear those depending on who I'm playing with!

I live in sunny Brisbane QLD, Australia with my husband, two cockatiels, and chihuahua. Originally from Sydney, I moved up north for the gorgeous weather, relaxed vibes, and improved quality of life. Exploring local hiking spots, swimming holes, waterfalls, and beaches, are some of my favourite weekend activities.

I've been streaming on and off since June 2019, originally starting my journey on Twitch before moving to Mixer (RIP). After the closure of Mixer I moved to Facebook Gaming in September 2020. I play a variety of different games, mostly on PC, from single-player story, battle royal, MMORPG, and simulation.

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